CXL Minidegree In Digital Psychology And Persuasion Review Part 5

• present-day cognitive models contrasted against prior theories
• further analysis of Cialdini’s persuasion principles
• how to chemically incite motivation and how it applies to page design

By the end of this Medium post, you will know whether this course of the minidegree is worth your time or not.

Social proof=evidence that reduces fear and uncertainty among your buyers

Now let’s look at how social proof influences your buyers. Typically, a customer faces a lot of uncertainty when buying something online. Common uncertainty and fears are, is this a legit product, will I be scammed, or is the product is as good as being advertised?


It has absolutely checked all the boxes it has provided. Let me sum up the knowledge I had gained from this particular course Nonconcious Motivation of the minidegree Digital Psychology and Persuasion in a list below.

1 .Always center your marketing efforts on appealing to the default mode of the brain, which is commonly known as System 1.
2. Creating likability can humanize your brand while securing the trust and confidence for you even before you had earned it
3. There is always a plethora of social proof available and you just need to do some quick inventory to discover it.
4. Genuine scarcity will boost the sales of your product or services.
5. Unity an extension of the principle likability is designed to rope in the customers automatically by allying them together you’re your brand to create the situation “us vs the problem”

So is this course worth your time? Absolutely yes!
Don’t forget to check out my next review next week.



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