CXL Digital Psychology And Persuasion Minidegree Review Part 6

1. A short explanation of cognitive bias
2. Types of cognitive biases that are affecting the conversion rate
3. Ways to overcome and use those common biases in online marketing
4. My opinion on the mini course cognitive biases

1. Cognitive bias is a system that is created by the brain to filter out unnecessary information.
2. Cognitive bias is made based on a predictable pattern
3. We, humans, are always subjected to these biases even when we don’t think so. (It’s an automated response)
4. Statistics don’t really change the mind
5. Statistics can justify beliefs and actions (confirmation bias)
6. Use vivid stories and personal examples not probabilities to persuade
7. According to the availability heuristic bias, if something is easier to remember it is marked as more important by the brain
8. Confirmation bias holds some power over most of the decision-making processes that are made.
9. People tend to decide first emotionally and then will find reasons to justify their decisions in most of the cases.



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